RST Net designs substations, assists companies to reduce energy waste and increase power quality. The company also offers consulting in the field of safety.


RST Net undertakes the design and changes of older substations in cooperation with their respective owners.

"Smart" Solutions

Innovation in power systems with smart solutions have recently been introduced in recent years. Smart solutions are built on top of fiber optic technology which are increasingly being used in power systems, especially for measuring.

Energy Saving

RST Net assists companies to reduce their power usage.

By choosing the right equipment which reduces the displacement angle, for example, can reduce losses in electrical systems and can decrease the energy bill by about 3-7%.

Power Quality

The importance of power quality has increased in line with the introduction of more LED lights, electronics and robots which interfere with the electric systems and cause distortions in the sinus curve of electricity.

RST Net helps companies by measuring the displacement angle using specialized measuring devices.

Better power quality can save a lot of resources by avoiding failures of electronics and other equipment. Good power quality entails fewer sudden failures and better efficacy of means of production.


Issues related to safety of employees while working with high-voltage equipment.

RST Net offers consulting services by designing and implementing safety management systems for industrial plants and other companies.