RST Net has a lot of experience erecting and renewing equipment in substations in hydroelectric power plants, GIS/AIS substations as well as protection and control equipment. Moreover, RST Net lays underground cables and conducts installations and connection of power distribution lines.



RST Net has a vast experience in installing equipment in both AIS and GIS substations, and has been involved with installation in many of Iceland's largest substations.

When installing equipment for substations, RST Net has either been a sub-contractor for the substation's manufacturer, or as the main contractor where the company has taken care of design, foundations and purchase of equipment.

Among the GIS substations RST Net has erected are the substations in Vatnsfellsvirkjun, Sultargangavirkjun, Fljótsdalsstöð and Landsnet's substations at Kolviðarhóll just to name a few. Among AIS substations RST Net has erected are e.g. Landsnet's substation at Brennimelur, Reykjanesvirkjun, Mjólkárvirkjun, Hryggstekkur, and others.

Power Transformers

RST Net has gained specialized knowledge of power transformers and how to handle oil during their installation.

RST Net has specialized in assembling power transformers and possesses all the necessary equipment for oil handling when installing power transformers.

RST Net's employees regularly receive training in overhauling On Load Tap Changers (OLTC) from one of the largest OLTC producers, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) in Germany.

In cooperation with MR, RST Net provdes spare part services and expert support with OLTC overhaul.

Power Stations

RST Net undertakes all erection and installation of equipment in the electrical and mechanical part of power plants and industrial plants.

For example, the largest project in hydroelectric power plants undertaken by RST Net was the erection and installation of all the electrical and mechanical equipment in Vatnsfellsvirkjun where RST Net was the main contractor of GE Hydro.

Heat Pumps

RST Net undertakes the erection and installation of high power heat pumps.

RST Net's employees possess both the knowledge and capabilities to undertake challenging projects, such as the erection of heat pumps, where complex mechanical and electrical equipment play a key role.

Protection and control equipment

RST Net undertakes designing and programming control equipment for power distribution systems and industry, as well as installation, startup and testing.

RTU/PCM600 programming and operational knowledge of PLC machines from Allen Bradley / Rockwell, Siemens and others.

High-Voltage Connections

RST Net undertakes the laying of underground cables, installation and connection of distribution lines.

RST Net has both A and B validation to work with high-voltage and low-voltage electrical installations and many of our employees have the experience and rights to connect up to 145 kV cables.


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