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Specialised services to the energy industry

RST Net provides specialised services and installation of everything related to electrical and hardware in the energy industry. The company both manufactures and performs maintenance of electrical equipment and places great emphasis on preventive maintenance based on measurements and testing. RST Net also sells specialised equipment and products for Icelandic energy industry.

electric panels

RST Net offers the design, construction and installation of table cabinets as well as consultancy on equipment selection. The tablet cabinets are from Danish manufacturer Cubic but are imported and assembled by RST Net.

Do you want to get a quote on a panels? Fill out the form on rst.is/toflur and we'll send you an offer.

Measurements and tests

Condition assessment and troubleshooting of underground cables and other equipment. Action plans and means of improving operational safety, improving utilisation of equipment and improving the quality of electricity consumption.

Manufacture and sale of equipment

RST Net designs, builds and manufactures equipment tailored for electricity distribution, power and industrial plants as well as the sale of specialized equipment, spare parts and materials for power plants, transmission and distribution systems. On the side you can see the production of the Verto distribution transformers.


Agency of high-quality machinery and electrical equipment from authorized manufacturers.