• Þjónusta


    Specialized services of electrical and mechanical equipment in the power industry. Testing and measurements of equipment's condition and power quality. Maintenance and repairs.

  • Framkvæmdir


    Design and erection of new power infrastructure for power companies and industrial plants. Renewal and upgradation of older power structures.

  • Framleiðsla


    Design and construction of electrical and mechanical equipment, tailored to the power industry's needs.

  • Ráðgjöf


    Need for maintenance and renewal of equipment. Estimates of power quality. Consulting based on analyses of measurement data.

  • Sales

    Sales of high-quality electrical and mechanical equipment from trusted partners.

Specialized Services Company in the Power Industry

RST Net provides specialized services of electrical and mechanical equipment in the power industry, e.g. in power stations, electric power distribution and industrial plants. RST Net undertakes either partly or fully the erection of new electrical and mechanical equipment in the power industry with trusted partners.

RST Net offers measurements and testing of equipment using specialized devices. RST Net provides consulting on actions and solutions to increase up-time, utilization and power quality of electricity.

RST Net designs, constructs and produces custom made equipment for power distribution, power stations and industrial plants. RST Net sells specialized equipment, spare parts and material for power plants and power distribution systems.



Sales of high-quality mechanical and electrical equipment from recognized producers.

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