String measurements

Condition analysis and troubleshooting of both high voltage and low voltage power cables.

RST Net has measurement equipment for power cable testing and condition analysis based on very low frequency (VLF) Tan Delta measuring technology, an accurate and non-destructive method that provides good information on the degree of ageing in power cable insulation.

Measuring and condition analysis of high voltage and low voltage cables can assess the condition of the cables, identify weaknesses in the cables and take appropriate action before failure occurs, avoiding unnecessary costs and operating interruptions. Such information is important for condition-based and cost-optimized maintenance systems.

It is important to take the "fingerprint" of strings before entering service to compare for future measurements.

RST Net provides all power cable measurement and condition analysis services. Measurement results and analyses are delivered to the customer in a high-quality reporting format where the main findings of the condition analysis are summarized.

Specially equipped cable measurement car

BAUR measuring equipment with cable failure and condition analysis system. Syscompact 4000, TDR, and SIM/MIM.

Exact location of underground cable faults and up to 32 kV surge voltage.