• RST Net - Specialized in electrical power systems

    RST Net is a specialist service company in the electrical industry. The company provides services for most energy companies and heavy industry in Iceland, and is a contractor for a range for new projects for the energy industry. RST Net also produces electrical equipment.

  • New projects

    RST Net undertakes projects of all kinds involving the installation of electrical and mechanical equipment in power stations and industrial plants. The company has considerable experience in installing equipment in substations and in gas or air insulated switchgears. The company also lays underground cables, and erects and connects electricity distribution and transmission lines. RST Net has both A and B statutory authorisation for electrical contractors for high and low voltage systems. Many employees have experience and certification for connecting high voltage cables up to 145 kV.

  • Maintenance and repair services

    RST Net provides comprehensive mainenance services. The company offers service for breakdowns to important components in electrical systems operated by energy providers and industrial units. This service includes faultfinding, diagnostics, repair and testing. RST Net provides energy companies and industrial plants with maintenance service along with a spare-part service in partnership with manufacturers and other service companies.

  • Upgrading equipment

    RST Net upgrades existing primary and secondary systems in power plants and substations with modern component, increasing reliablility, safety and economy in the operation of the power system. RST Net can assess the condition of power and distribution transformers and renew components as necessary. RST Net can also renew power circuit breakers and switches in transmission or distribution systems.

  • Power transformer specialists

    RST Net specialises in assembling and installing power transformers and has special equipment for handling tranformer oil. Company employees receive regular training, including from the largest manufacturer of on-load tap-changers for power transformers, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) in Germany. In cooperation with MR, RST Net provides a spare-parts service and specialist assistance during overhaul of tap-changers.

  • Oil analysis and handling

    The analysis of oil samples from power tranformers and the correct interpretation of the results are a key factor in determining the cause of breakdowns in these vital and expensive electrical componenets. RST Net has been proactive in building up knowledge in this field in the Icelandic energy sector and in developing new techniques, in collaboration with parners abroad, to extend the lifetime of power transformers by improving the monotoring and maintenanece of transformers.

    RST Net produces pad mounted distribution transformer stations VERTO DTS® in the range 50 kVA, 100 kVA, 200 kVA and 315 kVA, for underground cables in distribution systems 11/0,42 kV.

  • Quality, safety and environmental issues

    RST Net aims to be a leader in the field of specialist services and contracting for energy companies and larger electricity consumers in Iceland. RST Net is firmly committed to providing a safe working environment and avoiding causing damage to the environment and the community. Active quality control and monitoring are paramount. RST Net uses safety and quality systems. RST Net professionally recycles or deisposes of different material in an economically and environmentally responsible way.

  • Facilities and equipment

    RST Net's main location is at Álfhella 6 in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, in a new building specially designed for the operation. The building is specially equipped for maintenance of power transformers, with a new bridge crane that can lift up to 60 tons. RST Net has also various other specialized equipment and measuring devices, e.g. five different oil treatment devices and a Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer.

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